Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee - Wednesday 1 June 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Addenbrooke House, Ironmasters Way, Telford TF3 4NT

Contact: Jayne Clarke / Rhys Attwell  01952 383205 / 382195


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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 259 KB

To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED – that the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 4 May 2022 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman.


Deferred/Withdrawn Applications




Site Visits




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Additional documents:


The Legal Advisor presented the report of the Director: Policy & Governance in relation to the Terms of Reference of the Planning Committee.


The Constitution requires that Full Council should agree at its Annual Meeting the Terms of Reference for each of its Committees to enable the Council to efficiently conduct its business. At the Annual Meeting on 19 May 2022, Full Council delegated authority to each Committee to review its own Terms of Reference.  The Terms of Reference forms part of the Constitution and the Constitution was approved by Full Council on 19 May 2022.   There were no suggested changes to the Terms of Reference.


Upon being put to the vote it was, unanimously:-


RESOLVED – that the Terms of Reference be approved.


Planning Applications for Determination

Please note that the order in which applications are heard may be changed at the meeting.  If Members have queries about any of the applications, they are requested to raise them with the relevant Planning Officer prior to the Committee meeting.


Members had received a schedule of planning applications to be determined by the Committee and fully considered each report and the supplementary information tabled at the meeting regarding planning applications TWC/2021/1225 and TWC/2021/1228.


TWC/2021/1225 Site of Cheswell Grange Farm, Cheswell Drive, Cheswell, Newport, Shropshire pdf icon PDF 326 KB

Additional documents:


This application was for the construction of a solar farm comprising ground mounted solar photovoltaic arrays together with battery energy storage facility and associated infrastructure, including WPD and client substations, inverters, perimeter security fencing, access tracks, CCTV and landscaping on the site of Cheswell Grange Farm, Cheswell Drive, Cheswell, Newport, Shropshire.


Councillor A Eade, Ward Member, had requested that the application be determined by the Planning Committee.


An update report was tabled at the meeting reporting additional comments received in relation to the amended Landscaping Plan and the Landscaping Scheme.  It also included additional conditions from the Council’s Highway Engineers which were omitted from the Committee Report, together with one additional letter of objection.


The Planning Officer informed Members that the sub-station and battery transformers would be housed in the existing farmyard buildings at Cheswell Grange with access via Kynnersley Drive.  Highway widening was proposed to facilitate vehicles.  The site was within the rural area but the site did not have any special landscape designation.


Councillor D Shaw, spoke in favour of the application on behalf of both Lilleshall Parish and local residents as there was a need for alternative energy and the protection of future generations and has been highlighted by the recent fuel and energy supplies and there were no adequate alternatives to offset this.  The fields were currently used for grazing and this could continue whilst the solar farm was in place.  The landscape mitigation measure should alleviate concerns.  He felt that this site could be used for scientific studies to assess and resolve the negative aspects of the site and enhance the positives increasing the effectiveness of this site and future sites.  Lilleshall Parish Council aimed to be a carbon neutral Parish and supported the solar farm application.


Councillor A Eade, Ward Councillor, spoke against the application due to its size and it was located next to the Weald Moors Strategic Landscape Site.  He accepted the need for green energy but felt that building on agricultural land endangered food production and you had to weigh up the benefit from energy against the cost to the environment and the importing of food.  It went against policies ER1, BE1, BE4 paragraphs 1 and 6 and NE7 together with 174 of the NPPF.  Little weight should be given to the visual impact assessment and the security fencing would have a significant impact.  Sheep grazing could not take place on the solar farm and this contravened policy NE1.  It was asked that semi mature planting took place prior to the commencement of the work if Members were minded to approve and that the security fencing be green to blend in with the surroundings.


Mr R Hogben, a member of the public, spoke against the application who felt that there was a need to be self-sufficient in food production and that agricultural land should be used for food production.  The application site could be used to produce barley wheat and rape and brownfield sites should be used for the production of  ...  view the full minutes text for item PC283


TWC/2021/1228 Land West of Melitta UK Ltd, Hortonwood 45, Hortonwood, Telford, Shropshire pdf icon PDF 293 KB

Additional documents:


This application was for the erection of 4no. industrial units (Use Class B2/B8) with ancillary offices, associated parking, service yards and landscaping on land West of Melitta UK Ltd, Hortonwood 45, Hortonwood, Telford, Shropshire.


This application was a major application and required a S106 agreement and was before Members for determination.


An update report was tabled at the meeting which contained details of the removal of a small area of land from the application boundary as it was included within the application in error and fell outside of the applicant’s ownership.  It also gave details in relation to the highway network, noise and the lighting scheme.


The Planning Officer informed Members that this application fell within the area allocated for employment purposes and was for a 24/7 operation for manufacturing, storage and distribution.  A revised plan had been submitted.  Financial contribution towards biodiversity and off-site replacement of trees were sought and there were no technical objections.  A noise impact assessment had been undertaken together with a transport assessment and a financial contribution was sought towards the strategic highway network. 


During the debate some Members felt that this was an industrial unit on an industrial estate and although they were saddened by the loss of trees, replacement trees would be planted elsewhere and it was asked if there was any location set aside for this, it was a good news story and could be fully supported.  Other Members felt that although semi-mature trees were being planted the loss of trees would be felt for some years, the statement of support for solar panels was welcomed and this should be included on every new industrial building and in relation to the landscape strategy plan would more trees be taken out.  Further concerns were raised regarding the detrimental impact on resident from noise on a 24/7 operation and if acoustic fencing could be installed to protect residential amenity and the impact on the local highway network, could contributions be sought towards a local bus network


The Planning officer did not currently have a location for the replacement trees but confirmed that the landscape strategy would be conditioned and that officers had worked with the applicant to ensure there was screening for residents and a buffer and a bunding on site.  Contributions towards a bus route could not currently be requested as this was undertaken as a private entity and there was not stipulation currently in the local plan to require developers to install solar panels.


The Legal Advisor informed Members that the installation of solar panels could be fed into the Local Plan when it was due for renewal.


Upon being put to the vote it was, by a majority:-


RESOLVED – that delegated authority be granted to the Development Management Service Delivery Manager to grant planning permission subject to the following:


a)    The following Contributions to be agreed through a s.106 Agreement:


·         £184,519.18. towards the Strategic Highway Network;

·         £58,800 towards footway/cycleway linkages;

·         £5,000 towards Travel Plan Monitoring;

·         £5,000 towards Traffic Regulation Orders;  ...  view the full minutes text for item PC284


TWC/2022/0170 Granville Landfill, Grange Lane, Redhill, Telford, Shropshire pdf icon PDF 246 KB

Additional documents:


This application was for the variation of Conditions 6 and 13 of planning permission W2006/0232 (Extension to existing landfill site by deepening and raising contour profile by about 2m and restoration of the site with variation to conditions 7.13 and 20 of planning consent Ref: MW/94/0424/WR) to allow the disposal of permitted wastes within the landfill area to continue until 31 December 2030 and to reduce the permitted daily limit of waste to 1350 tonnes at Granville Landfill, Grange Lane, Redhill, Telford, Shropshire.


This application was before Planning committee at the request of Donnington and Muxton Parish Council and Councillor V Fletcher, Ward Councillor.


Additional representations had been received which noted a series of observations in relation to no local need, successful local recycling with zero going to landfill, clarification was sort where the waste was from, the permit on the site and its closure for a period of time, loss of value to local houses, the need to focus on incineration and the pyramid system and it was against the Human Rights Act 1998.  The Planning Officer confirmed that the loss of value to local houses were not a material planning consideration and there was no evidence to support this.  Landfill remained an important part of the hierarchy when no other option was available and it was considered there was still a need for this to continue.


Councillor A Lawrence, Ward Councillor, spoke against the application and raised concerns regarding the impact on the new residential area, it was land rise and not land fill, inappropriate location and an eyesore, loss of value to local properties and the expectation that the permit would be coming to an end and the land reverted back to a nature reserve, continual requests for extensions and the impact on the local environment.


Councillor V Fletcher, adjoining Ward Councillor, spoke against the application and raised concerns that this application went against policies within the Telford Local Plan, the need for the site, traffic flow along the access route, nearby construction site and vehicular traffic movements, the request for a 5 year extension but the site had only been closed for 2 years, impact on local residents, the lack of an impact assessment, noise and disturbance, smells, fumes and vermin on the site.


Ms H Howard, a member of the public, spoke against the application and raise concerns that this application went against policy and she felt it was detrimental to the local area, the lack of established need within Telford and Wrekin, the impact of land raise, the site was an eyesore, the contouring of the site, the operation should have ceased in 2021 and reverted back to the Granville Country Park, the extension was not viable, landfill should be a last resort and this was a blight on the landscape with no local need.


Ms G Daintith, Applicant’s Agent, spoke in favour of the application and explained that as the site was closed for two years the annual tonnage would need to increase.  ...  view the full minutes text for item PC285