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Telford & Wrekin Council 4 Year Strategy to Protect, Care and invest To Create a Better Borough

24/07/2019 - Telford & Wrekin Council 4 Year Programme to Protect, Care and Invest To Create a Better Borough

Key Decision identified as Telford & Wrekin Council 4 Year Strategy to Protect, Care and invest To Create a Better Borough in the Notice of Key Decisions published on 25 June 2019.


Reserved for Council.


Councillor S Davies, Leader, presented the report of the Managing Director which set out a refreshed high level Council programme to drive the delivery of a a series of community commitments as the Council’s strategic focus through to 2023 which were adopted by Cabinet on 30 May 2019.


Underpinning the delivery of these community commitments, was the ambition for Telford and Wrekin to be a family friendly borough and that Telford & Wrekin Council would seek to protect, care and continue to invest in services.  To drive delivery of the commitments and this ambition, the Council’s strategic programme (set out at Appendix One to the report) had been revised, setting out a borough vision and 8 priorities as detailed in the report. 


The programme would provide clarity for the community and partners what the Council would seek to deliver with the resources available. The programme was also an important part of communicating the organisation’s ongoing development with the workforce.


The second part of the programme set out how the organisation was going to continue to transform to deliver the priorities in the face of significant challenges including those set out in the report relating to delivery of savings, uncertainty over the government’s funding model for Local Authorities and the lack of certainty over the future of Adult Social Care


The transformation strategy was called “Be the Change” and was detailed in the report. 


Underpinning the delivery of these priorities were the Council’s co-operative values.


Since adoption of the Community Commitments a number of actions had taken place to drive delivery.  These were comprehensively detailed in the report. Work would continue to drive the delivery of the priorities through service planning (at Assistant Director level) and the development of a performance framework which will be reported to Cabinet twice each year.




(a)       the programme be RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL for approval; and


(b)       progress to date in delivering the commitments be noted.