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TWC/2024/0087 - 60 Spring Meadow, Sutton Hill, Telford, Shropshire


This application was for the conversion of 3no. existing garages to 1no. dwelling at 60 Spring Meadow, Sutton Hill, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4AG.


The application was referred to Planning Committee by Councillor Derek White.


A site visit had taken place on the afternoon prior to the meeting.


Mr P Saunders, a member of the public, spoke against the application and raised concerns regarding the freehold of the land the development would be out of place, noise and impact on residents of the flats, access, garden space and lack of maintenance on the building.


The Planning Officer informed Members that the application was in the built-up area and in principle was acceptable.  It was a one-bedroom unit for one resident and complied with national space standards.  The existing garden would be split into two and both amenity areas were acceptable.  An integrated design approach had been taken and was not considered detrimental to the wider row of garages.  Three off-road parking spaces would be provided one space for each unit plus one space for visitors.  Highways considered the parking acceptable subject to conditions.  No concerns had been raised by other statutory consultees.  The window for the existing first floor flat was not overlooking and a condition to obscurely glaze the window and limit its opening to 100mm would be conditioned with the window opening further for emergency use only.  The proposed construction works would be conditioned in relation to construction works, hours of operation and parking of onsite building personnel.  Officers were satisfied the development would not result in any significant harm.  In relation to ownership, land ownership was not a material consideration and was a civil matter.  The proposed works were acceptable and complied with national and local planning policy.


During the debate, some Members considered the application acceptable as the garage space was limited and the use was more beneficial as a flat and there was sufficient replacement parking.  Other Members raised concerns regarding the space standards and how the number of occupants would be monitored, the setting of a precedent to convert garages to flats, insufficient off-street parking, the splitting of the garden space, loss of garage space, cramped accommodation. Mitigation measures in relation to construction times would be required.


Officers noted concerns raised by members regarding the level of off-road parking available and internal space standards, but advised that the scheme does comply with the technical guidance contained within the Local Plan and the NDSS and that therefore these were not valid reasons for refusal.


Following the debate it was, by a majority:


RESOLVED – that delegated authority not be granted to the Development Management Service Delivery Manager to grant full planning permission subject to the conditions (with authority to finalise Condition(s) and provide reasons for approval).


Following further debate and on being put to a vote it was, by a majority:


RESOLVED – that the application for planning permission be refused on the grounds of design and impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.




The Local Planning Authority considers that the proposed scheme would fail to respect and respond positively to its context and enhance the quality of the local built and natural environment. This is by virtue of the design of the proposed scheme, which would fail to be in keeping with the character and appearance of the application site and its immediately surrounding area; which currently makes up a row of garages at ground floor. Accordingly, the proposal would fail to comply with Policy BE1 of the Telford & Wrekin Local Plan and national guidance contained within the NPPF.

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