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TWC/2022/0629 - Site of 1-10 Glebe Flats, Glebe Street/1-32 Nelson Court/1-55 (odds) St John Street/1-18 York Flats, 2-28 (evens) & 34-88 (evens), High Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire


This application was for the erection of 67no. affordable dwellings together with associated access, roads, parking, landscaping and public open space on the site of 1-10 Glebe Flats, Glebe Street/1-32 Nelson Court/1-55 (odds) St John Street/1-18 York Flats, 2-28 (evens) & 34-88 (evens), High Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire.


The Application was before Planning Committee as the Council owned a part of the site and it was a major scheme of development.


The Area Team Planning Manager (West) informed Members that this application sought full planning permission on land located at Glebe Street and High Street, Wellington.  There had been prior approval for the demolition of the 14 blocks of flats.


Mr S Thompson, Applicant, spoke in favour of the application which had been six years in making was part of the investment plan into Wellington.  It was the second part of the project, the first being the site at New College which had recently been approved.  The schemes would supply 143 new homes across the two sites and it was felt would make a real difference to the area.  Key to the viability of the application was LEP funding which had been secured and Homes England would back the application due to the support of CEOs of both Wrekin Housing Group and Telford & Wrekin Council.  The scheme had involved extensive discussions in relation to protecting the vernacular and feel of area and it protected its character and appearance.  Although there would be the removal of 130 housing units, there were no longer fit for purpose and they would be replaced with 67 good quality affordable homes which would benefit the local community.  The application identified social values and would bring forward apprenticeship and work placement opportunities.


The Area Team Planning Manager (West) informed Members that the previous dwellings did not meet NDSS standards or accessibility standards, had very little amenity space and no designated parking.  The proposal brought forward a mix of dwellings, apartments and bungalows and the scheme would provide 100% affordable housing.   All proposed dwellings met NDSS standards and 19 dwellings met the M42 accessibility standards for some 9 ground floor apartments and 10 bungalows.  In relation to parking standards the application provided 14 spaces above the local plan standards.  Some solar panels would be provided within the development.  The site was located opposite the Wellington Conservation Area and it had met many of the conservation requirements, although it had not been able to omit fascia boards on the properties.  It was felt on balance that the regeneration of the site would improve the character and appearance of the area and no technical objections had been received.  Members were asked to approve the application.


During the debate some Members welcomed the site but asked if there was any S106 money available for crossing points across Glebe Street and if there were going to be any ev charging points within the site.  Other Members felt it was a shame there would be a net loss in housing and asked why there were no education contributions towards the local schools.  They welcomed the ev charging points and asked how many solar panels would be supplied.  Some Members felt that this application was a good news story due to the affordable housing and the redevelopment of the Wellington area and it was fully supported.


The Area Team Planning Manager (West) informed Members that they could only seek funding for crossings if highways had raised any issues and in this instance no funding had been sought in this instance  Some ev charging points would be installed in proportion with the current regulations.  In relation to the education contributions, as there was a net reducing in the number of units from 130 to 67, education contributions could not be sought due to the lesser demand.  In relation to solar panels, at the time of writing the report this was still to be determined following a feasibility study on which units would most benefit so this had been written into the conditions ahead of the decision.


Upon being put to the vote it was, by a majority/unanimously:


RESOLVED – that delegated authority be granted to the Service Delivery Manager to grant full planning permission (with the authority to finalise any matter including conditions, legal agreement terms, or any later variations) subject to the conditions and the informatives contained in the report.



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