Agenda item

10 By 10

To receive a verbal report on the 10 By 10 project.


The Director: Education & Skills presented an update on ‘10 By 10’ to the committee. The project aimed to give children in Telford and Wrekin the opportunity to have the best start in life through completing 10 activities by the age of 10. The first phase was the project development and launch of the project; where the second phase was further development which included external partnership working and further children being registered to the scheme.


Members raised the following questions.


Members asked if the activities available were only leisure based.


There were a wide variety of activities on offer such as debating and day trips, in addition to leisure-based activities.


Members asked about the funding of the activities.


Activities were funded by different organisations, for example sponsors from social value contracts. Balfour Beatty, a Council Contractor, has supported the instillation of banners across schools in the Borough.


Members recognised the initiative as being beneficial and asked about the participation from children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Evidence of engagement with disadvantaged pupils would need to be further looked into with analysis over postcode uptake, however, children from all backgrounds had so far engaged with the project.


There was also further funding from pupil premium on offer to children and families who struggled with costs.


It was further stressed that the projects were designed to be inclusive and that there were summer activities that aimed to work with children on free school meals to aid with additional funding and food.


Members asked about how long the project would be for?


There is no current end date and the project would continue to be promoted.


Members asked about outcomes for the project.


The data would need to be examined to look at uptake for each activity and discussions would then take place with schools regarding areas for improvement.


Members asked how a business could be involved?


It was explained that engagement with the media and the website would provide the information for further involvement with the scheme and that there would be further opportunities after the launch for more businesses to become involved in supporting the project.


Members asked about feedback and further development once a child was older.


The feedback so far, showed that the project had been well received and that there were plans to expand the project with secondary school children to ensure continual development of the skills learnt. Engagement from secondary children age would be down to the individual child to continue the activities. Further planning was being done to expand the project and further announcements would be made in future.


Members noted the importance of getting families involved in the scheme.


Family engagement and involvement was important to get families to work together outside of the school environment.


Members asked for clarity on how to register onto the scheme.


Children would have received either a newsletter physically or electronically that explained the process. Children can register online and schools would be able to help if necessary.


Members thanked the Director: Education & Skills and Cabinet Member: Children, Young People, and Families for the presentation and recognised the impact that the 10 By 10 project had on children in the Borough.