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Electric Vehicle Strategy

Meeting: 14/07/2022 - Cabinet (Item 164)

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The Deputy Leader and the Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Green Spaces, Natural and Historic Environment and Cultural Services presented the report of the Director: Neighbourhood & Enforcement Services.


The strategy was an important part of the Council’s net-zero 2030 pledge and came at a time of increased focus on electric vehicles (EV) both nationally and locally. Since 2018, the number of EV charge points across the Borough had doubled to 46, 599 home charge points and 51 workplace-charging sockets had been fitted since 2014. The demand for ultra-low emission vehicles had risen 800% since 2017.


In developing the strategy, the Council had carried out a thorough demand analysis to be able to understand the rollout of charging.


The Council aimed to lead by example and to that end had bought electric vehicles for its own fleet and was encouraging partners to do so. New NuPlace homes were being fitted with charging points in the hope of pushing other developers to do so.


Transport was an important aspect of the move to net zero and having a better-developed charging infrastructure gave people the option to switch to electric more easily.


Members noted the wider climate crisis and the need for more action from government to tackle the issue.


The leader of the Liberal Democrat group welcome the report and the forward thinking approach taken with NuPlace.


The leader of the Conservative group expressed the need to stay ahead of the curve on the matter given the rate at which electric vehicles were being taken up.


RESOLVED – that Cabinet


a)         Approves the adoption of the Public Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy attached at Appendix A.


b)        Endorse the proposals and approve plans to proceed to procurement of a delivery partner.


c)         Delegate authority to the Director: Neighbourhood & Enforcement Services, in consultation with the Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member: Housing, Enforcement & Transport to refresh the Public Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy as required to support the emerging Local Transport Plan.