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2022/23 School Funding Formula

Meeting: 06/01/2022 - Cabinet (Item 127)

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The Cabinet Member for Children, Young People, and Families presented the report of the Director: Education & Skills.


The Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) was allocated to local authorities by the Department for Education (DfE) in four blocks; Schools, High Needs, Early Years and Central School Services, using the following bases:


-       Schools Block: Calculated by multiplying the number of pupils at the preceding October census (i.e. October 2021 for 2022/23) by a unit of funding, which was different for each local authority. The 2022/23 allocation for Telford & Wrekin Council was approximately £143m.


-       High Needs Block: Calculated by a combination of historic allocations and a national funding formula. The 2022/23 allocation for Telford & Wrekin Council was approximately £30.5m.


-       Early Years Block: Calculated from the average pupils in the relevant two January censuses (i.e. January 2022 and January 2023 for 2022/23) and multiplied by a unit of funding. The 2022/23 allocation for Telford & Wrekin Council was approximately £13m.


-       Central School Services Block: Calculated by a mixture of historic expenditure levels and number of pupils. The grant was introduced in 2018/19 and replaced the abolished Education Services Grant. The 2022/23 allocation for Telford & Wrekin Council was £1.1m.


The DfE was calculating the 2022/23 Schools Block funding allocations to local authorities by a National Funding Formula (NFF). This revised methodology replaced the existing historically based allocations in 2018/19. 

Between 2017/18 and 2020/21, the increase for T&W was 6.8% per pupil. In 2020/21, the DfE also allocated a general increase to local authorities that exceeded 4% per pupil and a further 3% increase in 2021/22.


In 2022/23 there would be an increase of just under 3% per pupil. Mainstream funding per pupil in T&W would be around the national mid-point, but higher than the average for non-London authorities.


Total schools block funding for T&W had increased from £107.5m in 2017/18 to an estimated £143m in 2022/23.


Schools continued to be protected by the national Minimum Funding Guarantee, which for 2022/23 set the minimum increase per pupil at 0.5%.  Telford & Wrekin Council proposed a local protection that amended this to 2%, the maximum allowable level of protection.


It was noted that despite funding increases budget pressure continued. Notwithstanding this, the Council continued to offer the most effective service possible.





the 2022/23 funding formula for Telford & Wrekin mainstream schools, consulted on with the Schools Forum, be approved.


The formula:

- distributes an estimated £143m;


- includes a guaranteed increase per pupil of 2%, the maximum allowable by government;


- where appropriate, supports growing schools by using estimated pupil numbers to determine funding, to avoid a lag in money reaching growing schools.